Book Release! Drawings of Dead Stuff From Museums

Drawings of Dead Stuff From Museums is a collection of drawings inspired by mammals found on display at various Natural History Museums and Science Institutes throughout the country. It's an effort to free those animals from the fixed stares and grotesque smiles with which they've been immortalized, and to recapture, through color and gestural marks, a semblance of the life and personality that have been removed by death and preservation. 


Book features 25 drawings 

Drawings of Dead Stuff From Museums is a book featuring drawings of unique taxidermied animals from various Natural History Museums and Science Centers throughout the country. The first printing is a signed and numbered edition of 25. The 12 x 12-inch hardcover book also comes with an 9 x 12-inch artist-pulled silkscreen print created exclusively for each numbered edition.


Each print is a unique, artist-pulled silkscreen.


Limited-edition silkscreen print

RACCOON (BARRY) is an artist-pulled 9 x 12-inch silkscreen printed on 100% cotton archival paper. Limited numbered edition of 25. Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The drawing for the print was done on-site at the Grassy Hollow Visitor Center in Wrightwood, CA. 


Every piece is hand-painted.