Here We Are

Using discarded cardboard, paint, warm lights, a hot glue gun, video projector, cell phones and a lot of tape, I took over the 17 x 19 foot Wurdemann gallery at Gallery 825 in Los Angeles. The three-dimensional video installation is an investigation into the natural world that envelops us on a daily basis, depicting an exaggerated world where bugs are king. Discarded and donated cardboard was used to magnify dandelions and bugs; beer tabs, cigarette butts, grass, and rocks, to create an environment where often overlooked elements are both exaggerated and celebrated.
Lights were used to cast warm shadows and illuminate the installation. Cell phones were also placed in the bugs and viewers were encouraged to call numbers that would cause those phones to ring, creating an interactive bug opera. Artist-pulled, limited-edition screen prints were also available at the show. Only 50 prints were created, signed and numbered, and printed on archival paper (22 x 30 inches).



Mixed media: cut cardboard, 3 video projectors, green lights and speakers.



This is an ongoing series of photos with a cardboard bug in various landscapes.